We believe in setting veterans up for success. We are working diligently with local businesses and government to create programs to be proactive vice reactive in the fights against veteran homelessness and suicides. By attacking these problems at their roots, it is our goal to minimize the amount of veterans that go down these paths. 


Thrivent Financial Strategies

Sponsored by Thrivent Financial, our Financial Strategies workshop is a quick and dirty 1 hour class that goes over the pure basics of finances. We discuss the basics of budgeting, savings, retirement, and goal setting. This workshop is lead by certified Thrivent Financial Strategist, David Jordan. David is a United States Navy Veteran that provides these financial strategy workshops free to veterans and their families. 

After our group sessions those that are interested are invited to meet individually to create customized financial spreadsheets, and budgets. At the end of the course you receive quarterly checkups for the first year from our financial advisors. This helps to ensure that you are meeting your goals, and help with any needed adjustments to your customized plan.

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