The HQ

Our Headquarters, or HQ, has been a true labor of love for us. Located in downtown Bremerton on 6th St., The HQ will be a welcoming place for veterans, and a symbol of the commitment we have in growing our community into a strong family.



The HQ's goal is to not just be a place to store our gear and have our office. This will be our home away from home for any veteran. It will host workshops, public speakers, and seminars to grow our veteran communities knowledge and skillsets. There will be rec areas with a tv, movies, video games, and yes pinball. We will have books and resources available from all local organizations that help veterans. During the holidays we will open it up to host active duty and veterans with nowhere to go, to enjoy a hot meal. It will be space available for the public to rent for events. We will also host many local veteran community nights where we will invite other veteran organizations to come and speak about their mission. The LRS HQ will become a strong focal point in our community for veterans to come, feel at home, further their skillsets, and connect with other veterans and the community. 

For more information and how you can become part of the project, click the button below!


The state of the Building

When we first began this project, we knew it was going to be a difficult one. There was no doubt in our minds this was going to take a lot of hard work, sweat equity, tons of fundraising, and generating in-kind donations. But we were confident of the vision and promise we saw in the old "Seigler Building." That vision and excitement has changed since day one.

During the first few months of renovations we were really able to get in there and work. We started by cleaning out all the old, moldy, and just downright gross things inside. It had some rodent and vagrancy issues. So there was some pretty unsavory conditions inside as you can imagine. Since it has a failed roof, there was mold. The ceiling was literally falling down. On top of that we also found a big bucket that was full of human poop. Yes you read that correctly, a bucket of human feces, it was bad. But we ripped all that nasty junk out to get the place ready for the real work. Then the rains came, and we were left to wait until the roof was fixed. Unfortunately due to the roofing company having such a full schedule and the weather, we are still waiting for the roof to get fixed. So, construction has halted until the roof is replaced.

The project still needs a ton of work, and is nowhere near being completed yet. Because of the failed roof, we now need to replace almost the entire floor due to water damage. The windows are literally falling out of the building, the electrical needs to be redone, and we still have to do the interior framing. We can do a lot of the labor, but we need help. We are very excited about this endeavor because we know what value it will bring to our local Veteran and Bremerton community. But we need community involvement, donations, and contractors that are willing to donate their time to help fix the major problems with the building. Even with the setbacks we are still working towards renovating this classic Bremerton building. We know that by breathing life back into our building once again, it will further revitalize our city and stimulate much needed growth.

How to get involved


Once the roof is fixed, construction will start again. Unfortunately we do not have a set date of when that will be yet, we are in limbo at the moment until the weather allows the roofers to start working. However If you wish to donate your time and put in some sweat equity, we are always needing volunteers to help out once construction continues. Please use the button below to contact us and get involved!


Contractors or Trade workers

We are actively looking for contractors in the trades for in-kind donations to help us accomplish our goals for the HQ. If you are a contractor in the construction trades, and wish to donate in-kind donations to help with the renovations. Please contact us using the button below so we can discuss how we can work together to make our dream a reality for Kitsap County. Please specify in your message that you are a contractor, and the company you represent.