Our History

Sean Delaire - Founder/Executive Director

Sean Delaire - Founder/Executive Director

Rusty Kelly - Founder/Secretary

Rusty Kelly - Founder/Secretary

 While serving in the United States Marine Corps, Sean and Rusty were both stationed aboard Camp Pendleton, California in 2008. Being new to the area and not knowing their way around, they decided to explore. Rusty being an avid longboard skateboarder from CO bought a new board as soon as he got there. After much convincing, Sean soon got one of his own. That's when the adventure started. One push after another they explored the areas outside base. To choose which direction to go on their adventures, they developed a game.

 When faced with a crossroads, one of them would yell out , "Left Right Straight!", and the other would call back which direction they would go. They usually got lost, Rusty's fault, and covered in blood from crashing down a big hill they had no business skating down, also Rusty's fault. But it was that sense of adventure, and the memories they made along the way that took this simple game, and made it a way of life for these life-long friends.

 It has been many years since those days skating down the Pacific Coast Highway, getting into mischief, and exploring Southern California. However the ethos of adventure and the bond of camaraderie has lasted through out the years. Now we take that same spirit and allow other veterans to join us on their own LRS Adventure.

On July 6, 2013

We lost a great friend and fellow Marine to suicide.

Sgt. Steven Craig Kessler  Sept 25, 1985 - July 6, 2013

Sgt. Steven Craig Kessler Sept 25, 1985 - July 6, 2013

Kessler Mountain  Camp Pendleton, CA

Kessler Mountain Camp Pendleton, CA

Losing Steve was a real eye opener for us and made us realize how big of a problem suicide truly is within the military community. It took us all by surprise and we couldn't believe that Steve, someone who was always smiling and went out of his way for others, took his life. After his tragic death LRS was born with a new purpose and we devoted ourselves to making sure no veteran felt unwanted or alone. We don't want to lose any more fellow veterans to this epidemic.