Through our expeditions we provide veterans with a healthy outlet while building their skills and confidence. Our hands-on approach ensures that each person is prepared before stepping out the door. From preparation, to gear, and skills training we guide you through every aspect of your adventure. All you have to do is show up, put forth the effort and enjoy your time in the great outdoors.


Guided Expeditions

Our guided expeditions are perfect for family vacations, corporate groups, and friends looking to get away in the outdoors. By hiring LRS for your adventure, you are directly funding for a veteran to go on an adventure as well! A percentage of each reservation cost goes to fund our operations and provide veterans with free adventure expeditions. How cool is it knowing that while you're hiking up a mountain, or drinking a cold one around the campfire that you just provided the same awesome experience for a veteran?




Our backpacking expeditions vary in difficulty level and experience. From leisurely day trips, to multi-day excursions we guide you through a truly rugged and wonderful outdoors experience.

Please click the button below to contact us to schedule your adventure.


Community Expeditions

We meet once a month for a free community hike. These hikes are all inclusive, anyone can join us. Date and locations vary from each hike. Click below to see what upcoming hikes we have planned.

Please note that for these hikes we do not provide any gear, snacks, or water. So please be sure to dress weather appropriate, bring extra socks, plenty of water, and snacks for if you get hungry. See you on the trails!


Future Adventure Programs

We are currently working on more adventure programs. If you have any that you wish to see or attend, please contact us.